Electrify Texas: EV Roadshows

We take electric vehicles on the road in an EV Convoy with (the Texas Electric School Bus Project, Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation, and others) to share the word about EVs, the future of electric transportation in Texas, and available incentives. The 2023 and 2024 East, South, and West Texas Road Shows received positive media coverage and made meaningful connections. The South Texas Road Show stop in Laredo included special events and sparked interest from five school districts. We are very grateful to have partnered with welcoming organizations along the way.

Building EV Justice: Where Should Chargers Go?

The Central Texas EV Justice Working Group came together to integrate diverse community perspectives in the early stages of planning for electric vehicle (EV) charger placements. It emphasizes the importance of including underrepresented communities in decision-making processes, particularly in the context of public infrastructure and emergent technology. The report outlines a comprehensive approach that involves community-led workshops, educational components, and a focus on inclusivity to develop recommendations on investments in additional EV charging infrastructure to addresses community-defined priorities.

EVs For Low-Income Families Pilot

Partnering with the City of Austin, Foundation Communities and the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, we are making affordable used EVs available to low-income families, working to ensure that the benefits of electric transportation are available to all.

Getting There: The Texas Electric Transportation Roadmap

The Roadmap identifies the policies and programs needed to take Texas to a carbon-free, electric transportation future. Discussing the benefits of electric vehicles, it discusses aspects and benefits of EVs from a variety of perspectives including the market, technology, justice, futureproofing, and drivers.

Regional Electric Transportation Compacts in South Central and North Texas

Under the leadership of county commissioners, we bring together local governments, major educational institutions, large employers, and manufacturers to reduce transportation-related emissions by electrifying fleets and reducing employee commute emissions, currently with a particular focus on leveraging the funding opportunities from federal and state incentive programs.

Resolutions from Texas counties regarding fleet electrification:

EV Giveaway to a Grassroots Organization

We partnered with Earth Day Austin, Huston-Tillitson University, community groups and Carvana to give away a used EV to a grassroots organization serving folks most impacted by rising temperatures, unpredictably severe weather, and increasing threats to public health.

We’re grateful to the partners that helped make the EV Giveaway a reality: Black Lives Veggies, Black Men’s Health Clinic, African American Youth Harvest Foundation, Black Professional Alliance, Austin Samba, Austin Area Urban League, EV Hybrid Noire, Smart Charge America and Austin Energy.